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Music is a Public Service.

Music is a Public Service.


A great quantity of music comes from pain. It wasn’t until my first rough break-up that I finally understood what the thousands of love songs we’re all about. It was amongst the tears, the anger, the guilt that I got it. It’s not until you experience those emotions that you understand the references.

It’s no surprise that negative life experiences, be it loss, death, addiction or failure, provide abundant ammunition for emotion-driven songs. It’s ironic that the lowest points in life provide the richest lyrics, music and art in general. Through struggle comes life, through sharing pain comes connection. That is what art is about, sharing emotion, regardless of whether it is anger or love, sharing these emotions and being honest creates connections.

We’ve all been in the shit before, we’ve all been trapped in our heads and felt alone, and other, more articulate people than me have given life to those thoughts in song form. Knowing other people have been through this gives us hope, hope that there is a brighter future. That’s what music has given me, it’s lifted me up, it’s made me question myself, I think I’ve become a better person because of it.

Music is a public service, long live the scene.

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