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Josh Astrop | Founder of Audio Works

Josh Astrop | Founder of Audio Works

Tell Us A bit More About Your Business and How It Started?

I had tried several jobs, from working in a hostel in Australia to working as an account manager at a digital marketing agency and I had yet to find something that I wanted to do. I had used several rehearsal studios (a place for bands and musicians to rehearse), some were great, some were terrible and I noticed that Northampton didn’t have enough spaces for the number of bands. Starting a rehearsal studio seemed like the best option I could come up with. I borrowed money, borrowed money against that borrowed money, rented, begged and stole (prove it). Fortunately, it all worked out, I paid them off and the doors are still open.

Tell us some of the favourite bits about your role?

I really enjoy not having to ask anyone permission to do anything. I like to think that’s because I am creative and spontaneous rather than having a problem with authority, but it’s worked for me so far. The freedom to have an idea and try it immediately is liberating, it does also mean that both the successes and failures are your doing, but accountability is a great motivator.

What’s Been Your Biggest Achievement?

I don’t really talk about achievements, I always feel it sounds arrogant. My proudest moments however are when musicians I respect give the studio a mention in their album credits.

What Gets You Out of Bed Each Day?

Self-doubt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, the feeling I’m wasting my time and will never make anything good. More specifically, doing as much as I can to bat away all of those feelings. I read that if you can address these five things each day you are on your way to happiness;
– Work.
– Physical.
– Social.
– Creativity/Education.
– Relaxation.
So, trying to tick those boxes seems to give me the right level of productivity/fun balance.

– Tell Us Something No One Knows About You/The Business?

I went to see Spice Girls when I was a kid, Geri Halliwell looked straight at me, ELECTRICITY.

What’s Your Connection to Northamptonshire?

I was born in Northampton, went to school, college and University here too. I have been fortunate to travel the world once or twice so I’m not too much of a townie. Northampton is a great place, I suppose what I mean is Northamptononians are great, the geography has little to do with it.

What are you Favourite things to do/places to go around Northants? Any hidden gems?

Morning workout at Unit 22, Breakfast at Vintage Retreat, Coffee at Yellow Bourbon, Haircut at HattBox, Beer at Beer Guerilla, Lunch at Plump Partridge (Sunday lunch at Lamplighter), Cinema at Northampton Filmhouse, Evening drinks at Maule Collective, Gig at The Garibaldi. You can live your entire life in Northampton and only use independent businesses, one of the many reasons the town is awesome.


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